Over the past week I have been spending a considerable amount of time in nature.  I have to admit; I don’t mean taking long peaceful hikes or walks along the beach.  I am talking about traveling from place to place, sitting on my amazing deck looking at all the green mountains and the nature that exists right in my own back yard.  Or even when I am traveling down the road to a destination already scheduled.

Last week I had to travel for about an hour to meet my parents for dinner.  I decided, last minute, to drive a jeep that has no roof or doors on it.  A fun summertime vehicle.  What an amazing experience it was!  I was driving along with the wind blowing, sun shining, and just basking in the moment of life.  No radio, just me and mother nature.  All of the worries of the day swept away feeling the connection to life.

Allowing myself to just be in the moment traveling down the road felt perfect.  It helped me see just how blessed I am for that very moment.  Life can be very different if we are able to close our eyes (not if you are driving though) and listen to what is truly being presented to us.  This one experience reminded me of the beauty that is around us every minute of every day.  It helps to open my eyes and see life a little differently.

I think we often wonder; how can I do that?  I have so many things going on.  We become distracted in day to day life and can only see what we think we see.  We get caught up in those distractions and focus on all the things that really may not matter at all.

I have some tools I use that you might find helpful to start to balance your life out.  We can all find five minutes within out day.  It has to become a priority for you.

Find a place that you can take five minutes and close your eyes. Set a timer so you are not focused on “how much time do I have left”?  Find a comfortable place to sit or lay down.  Now breath in and out three long breaths with your eyes closed.  Try to listen to your surroundings.  Hear the birds or the plane flying by.  Feel the wind on your skin.  The sun brightening your space.  Listen for sounds that you would otherwise not hear because you are thinking about the next thing you have to do.  Just breath.  Do this daily, or several times throughout the day.  It will help you to become more centered and grounded so you can accomplish all that is on your “to do list”.  It may even help you to prioritize what is most important.

Life can get away with us if we allow it to.  I have to consciously remind myself that in order to be present, I have to allow myself time to just be. It will help you to see more than what the eye sees.  You find time to value yourself and everything around you starts to become easier and much more loving.

What are some of your techniques to be able to see more than what meets the eye? I would love to hear your thoughts.  Email me at [email protected].

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