Have you ever wondered if your loved one is ever watching over you from above?  I certainly have and I have received the gift that I was looking for from him.  Usually when I am aware, I can feel his presence or see something that reminds me of him.  


Several months after my son died, I decided to move.  Our home was where my children grew up so there was plenty to pack up.  It brought so many memories up and it took a long time to pack because of it.  A fairly emotional roller coaster, I prayed regularly that I was doing the right thing.  There were times that I would look up and say, “Logan, please give me a sign that I am doing the right thing and that you will be with me no matter where I live”.  



I eventually packed most of the stuff up and the only thing left was the kitchen. Logan spent a lot of time in the kitchen.  He would either be standing at the refrigerator or freezer door holding on and just looking in saying, “what do I want to eat” or he would be at the oven looking at the frozen boneless chicken wings cooking in the oven like, “hurry up, I’m hungry!”  Cooking and eating were two of his favorite things to do.  


Cleaning away, I was pretty emotional.  I kept thinking that I hoped I was doing the right thing.  I again prayed to Logan.  Please give me a sign.  Heading into the kitchen I realized that I had to clean the inside of the oven.  I grabbed the cleaner and opened the oven door and there was a penny INSIDE the oven.  Most people don’t cry over a penny but I knew it was a sign from Logan.  How often have you looked inside an oven and found a penny?  Never for me with the exception of this one time.  I picked the penny up and proceeded to cry, clean and smile all at the time as it was the message I needed from Logan.  


I proceeded to clean some more and remembered that I had to defrost the freezer.  I opened the freezer door to take out the frozen food and there was yet ANOTHER penny!  I couldn’t believe it.  Some people may store money in the freezer but I can’t imagine many putting pennies there.  Again, it was my sign from Logan saying, “Anywhere you are, I am. It’s ok to move.”  


The story is not about pennies from heaven, it’s about being open to any sign you may need.  Here are a few tips on signs from above:


  1. Ask and it is given.  Don’t worry or think about how that sign might come.  Just believe it will happen one way or another and it will.  
  2. Be open to those signs.  The signs could be a favorite song, seeing the color that he/she used to love, or a pet that they loved happened to show up at any given moment.  It could be a little more personal like feeling a brush on your cheek or a sudden cold chill when thinking about your loved one.  
  3. Know with all your heart that your loved one is not far away.  It’s ok to cry, smile, laugh, or whatever you need to do-scream if you want to.  Just know that they are helping us along our journey.  


I hope you find this helpful and look for the signs, they are all around you.

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