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30 International Best Selling authors including cathleen elle

In this special edition of Women Who Empower, Cathleen Elle shares her personal story of releasing the shackles of public perception to following her inner guidance and the journey it took to do so.

She describes her ability to move through trauma to realize a life of joy, forgiveness, and connection. In Women Who Empower, these 30 stories will speak to your heart and lift up your soul. Each chapter follows the journey that led each co-author to find empowerment by moving through challenges in their own life.

These pages reflect the intimate choices that were made to rise above challenging situations and as a result, live extraordinary lives.

This is the seventh book in the #1 International Best-selling Inspired Impact Book Series.


Erin Saxton, Award-winning TV Producer and Host of That Girl from Jersey has endorsed Women Who Rise…and wrote the forward!!!

“…The authors in this book are no strangers to making CHOICES. Within each and every chapter in this book you will be moved, touched, and inspired. Many of these women found their voices, their bravery, and themselves in the choices they made. Although each story and each author is vastly different there is one thing all of these brilliant authors have in common.”


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If you would like to purchase more than 5 books, please email me directly - [email protected].
If you would like to purchase more than 5 books, please email me directly - [email protected].

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